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  4. I just upgraded to the 5 GB / month plan. It was surprisingly easy (which is kind of scary). The nice thing is that they gave me credit for the existing plan before charging me the new plan.
  5. Damn, I feel like I need to upgrade my plan then. I'm on the 2 GB plan and I figured it would take me 4 years to get through it all ... I probably need to significantly upgrade.
  6. I brought 15 gb per month, it will take a year or so to complete probably
  7. Feedback on Kraken

    Yes, something that either tells us what images have been done, and what images are left. Aggregate would be best (eg. 200 GB left, 45 GB already processed).
  8. Really, it's quite expected if you've got a lot of existing content to optimise and you enable the setting to optimise all content. The good news is that the application will start processing your images again when your quota is renewed.
  9. Feedback on Kraken

    I have put that on my roadmap, I can see how it could be useful (it is also a metric that would change quite often as things are added to the queue).
  10. Feedback on Kraken

    @JoelR Stuart got it working for Amazon s3! @stoo2000 thanks dude! I also have a suggestion, if it's possible to display the Images Remaining to be compressed, but this would probably be quite difficult. Hard to know when it's done (It's still running, 2 days later XD).
  11. LOL wow. It took me about a week to get through 100 MB but yes, I also upgraded to the 2 GB plan
  12. Feedback on Kraken

    Did you turn on the optimizing of already stored images? That would probably do that XD
  13. Bought the paid 2GB subscription. Lasted all of 10 minutes. Seems their subscriptions are expensive and insufficient for any serious IPB image board.
  14. Feedback on Kraken

    for me my free trial ran out in like 2 seconds. I ended up seeing an error after the trial runs out. Can this be fixed so that after the quota is used up it automatically stops using kraken?
  15. Feedback on Kraken

    Yeah, just did.
  16. Feedback on Kraken

    Submit a ticket to Stuart. My Kraken is processing, although I have files not on S3.
  17. Feedback on Kraken

    I'm super glad for this application, but it's not processing images when using Amazon s3 storage.
  18. Feedback on Kraken

    The ACP dashboard for Kraken account status matches up with my Kraken dashboard.
  19. Feedback on Kraken

    Also, I forgot about the referral code before I signed up. Sorry
  20. Feedback on Kraken

    Minor feedback in no particular order: Screenshots in tutorial are very blurry. Encourage you to re-capture. Name app as kraken.tar ACP Setting is called "Compress Images," not Kraken Images per tutorial. Although, my personal preference is "Release the Kraken" It's definitely going. I refreshed my Kraken settings about a minute after initial installation, and I've already optimized 209 files with 9% of total file size! Literally one minute after installation.
  21. Replied via support ticket.
  22. @stoo2000 can you please help with this Invision are maintaining that my issues lie with the plugin
  23. @stoo2000 can you help with this please. Invision are maintaining my issues lie with the plugin
  24. I have a different issue to the one I posted earlier. I have checked with both Memberpress and Invision, and they have both said it is the SSO plugin I have some (not all) members who can see the forum based on their user role perfectly fine one day, then the next time they log in, the user role in Memberpress has become unticked and they can no longer see the forum. I have made this video to show what I mean
  25. I'm having a real headache with expired members being able to see the forum. I have asked Memberpress, they have said it's an Invision setting I have asked Invision, they have said it's the SSO plugin setting I'm not very good at explaining in words so I have made this video ssoplugin.mp4
  26. Sparkpost and bouncer

    Please submit a ticket: https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/support/
  27. Sparkpost and bouncer

    I get the same error
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