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  2. This functionality hasn't been compatible with this SSO since it was created and has had the notice page (the one that tells you it isn't compatible) present for at least 4 years. If it previously worked, I don't know how it could.
  3. I'm not sure what "isn't something that has ever been supported by this SSO" really means. The functionality of "sign in as" was working with the SSO in place until the latest 4.6 version. That's really all I'm pointing out. Whether you support it or not, it is still an effect of using the plugin. Thanks for the update on a new version and looking into this issue as part of that. It is a convenience feature we can work around not having if it comes to that. I need the "auto-login" feature of this SSO more than I need "sign in as" feature.
  4. As noted in your support ticket, this isn't something that has ever been supported by this SSO, it's also something that generally isn't supported by these types of SSO. I'll have a look to see if there are better ways to enable it now, but I cannot make any promises. A 4.6 version is in progress, but it may take a number of weeks to be available (based on my work load and the amount of time Marketplace approvals are currently taking)
  5. Can you clarify the "sign in as" part? Is this like "switch user" where you're logged in as an admin but are accessing as another user? Or something else?
  6. So far, I'm finding that the ability for me to "Sign in as" a member is not working due to the WP SSO plugin current version. I've not seen any other problems yet but I just updated today to IP 4.6.3. I would like the plugin author to comment on if/when we can expect a compatible update of WP SSO to the current IP 4.6 version.
  7. Can you clarify if the 4.6.3 Invision Community is compatible with the WP SSO plugin current version? I see that it has a security update, so I'd like to go ahead and install it.
  8. Hi, yes the WordPress SSO. We're on of InvisionCommunity so I wasn't sure when/if to upgrade. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Assuming you are talking about the WordPress SSO, I would recommend waiting for a proper 4.6 release. 4.6 has new caching rules that may result in your members not being logged in immediately.
  10. Hi there, We have an update notification on our Cloud Application for 4.6.2. Do you know if there are any compatibility issues with it or are we fine to update our Invision app?
  11. Hello @PEAcdemy I'm having the same problem. How did you turn back on marketplace apps?
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