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  2. I think we're having a similar issue. Has this been resolved Nigel/Stuart? We only started with the SSO a month ago, so not sure how we could revert to an older version of the plugin.. Hoping there's another way around?
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  5. I've purchased the SSO Plugin for Invision Board and have reached out to support twice with no response. I am having issues with role mapping. I have multiple options for the wordpress role, but am missing a member option in the IPS4 Group. It only lists 2 of my 3 groups, moderators and admins. There is no option to role map a member, which makes this plugin unusable. Any advice on how to fix this?
  6. We updated our Wordpress SSO from version 1.2.2 to version 1.2.3 and experienced redirecting issues. When a member (or we) on the "Latest Activity" page, or replying to a post or even just reading a post, the member is redirected to the Wordpress site after at least 60 seconds. Sometimes it does not redirect after the 60 seconds but when we click on the text box to reply we are redirected back to Wordpress. We had to revert back to the older version of Wordpress SSO 1.2.2 and then the problem disappears.
  7. Not yet I'm afraid, it's part of a larger that switches the plugin to an application. I don't expect it to be too far into the future though.
  8. Hi @stoo2000, has this feature been added yet?
  9. Hi there, I have a few questions about the SSO plugin. We recently transferred all the members from IPB to Wordpress. It included their email address and username. When I tested my account out, it changed my username in the forum to my first and last name in that shows up in Wordpress (both accounts share the same email address). 1.) I'm wondering why it did this? I was under the impression it would know to keep the username. I disabled it, but I don't want this happening to other users. 2.) When the SSO plugin is enabled and someone goes to register, does it create them an account in Wordpress AND Invision Power Board? Or just Wordpress? 3.) Once enabled, if a guest clicked 'Sign up' it took them to the default Wordpress registration page. Is it possible to point that link to a custom page we set up? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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