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  1. I just upgraded to the 5 GB / month plan. It was surprisingly easy (which is kind of scary). The nice thing is that they gave me credit for the existing plan before charging me the new plan.
  2. Damn, I feel like I need to upgrade my plan then. I'm on the 2 GB plan and I figured it would take me 4 years to get through it all ... I probably need to significantly upgrade.
  3. Yes, something that either tells us what images have been done, and what images are left. Aggregate would be best (eg. 200 GB left, 45 GB already processed).
  4. LOL wow. It took me about a week to get through 100 MB but yes, I also upgraded to the 2 GB plan
  5. Submit a ticket to Stuart. My Kraken is processing, although I have files not on S3.
  6. The ACP dashboard for Kraken account status matches up with my Kraken dashboard.
  7. Also, I forgot about the referral code before I signed up. Sorry
  8. Minor feedback in no particular order: Screenshots in tutorial are very blurry. Encourage you to re-capture. Name app as kraken.tar ACP Setting is called "Compress Images," not Kraken Images per tutorial. Although, my personal preference is "Release the Kraken" It's definitely going. I refreshed my Kraken settings about a minute after initial installation, and I've already optimized 209 files with 9% of total file size! Literally one minute after installation.
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