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  1. @stoo2000 can you please help with this Invision are maintaining that my issues lie with the plugin
  2. @stoo2000 can you help with this please. Invision are maintaining my issues lie with the plugin
  3. I have a different issue to the one I posted earlier. I have checked with both Memberpress and Invision, and they have both said it is the SSO plugin I have some (not all) members who can see the forum based on their user role perfectly fine one day, then the next time they log in, the user role in Memberpress has become unticked and they can no longer see the forum. I have made this video to show what I mean
  4. I'm having a real headache with expired members being able to see the forum. I have asked Memberpress, they have said it's an Invision setting I have asked Invision, they have said it's the SSO plugin setting I'm not very good at explaining in words so I have made this video ssoplugin.mp4
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