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  1. I'm not sure what "isn't something that has ever been supported by this SSO" really means. The functionality of "sign in as" was working with the SSO in place until the latest 4.6 version. That's really all I'm pointing out. Whether you support it or not, it is still an effect of using the plugin. Thanks for the update on a new version and looking into this issue as part of that. It is a convenience feature we can work around not having if it comes to that. I need the "auto-login" feature of this SSO more than I need "sign in as" feature.
  2. So far, I'm finding that the ability for me to "Sign in as" a member is not working due to the WP SSO plugin current version. I've not seen any other problems yet but I just updated today to IP 4.6.3. I would like the plugin author to comment on if/when we can expect a compatible update of WP SSO to the current IP 4.6 version.
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