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  1. over time as accounts get deleted etc the feedback pane still shows for these now guests posts... which then causes google webmaster tools to pick up and report 404s for the links profile/0-Guest/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback suggest a 'if member_id' check on the template?
  2. just installed the release all looks and works great #3 was link to the actual feedback listing index, i can't see a link on the new profile listing page ? as said great release - all working and looking great
  3. and also useful the current feedback %, no of pos, no of neu etc
  4. a few suggestions for additions to the profile feedback page page that may improve things 1. add the 'add feedback' link from the main feedback page to the top of this page 2 add an 'if moderator' edit and delete link to each feedback entry - this may improve finding and editing specific member feedback greatly 3. add a link to the main feedback page
  5. installed skipping the database table creation as using a "old" table from the previous version and all seems well just a question to avoid possible grief in the future am taking it that the database structure is the same as old version yep? great job, did have a lot of problems with the older version install this time was no bother
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