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  1. Please PM your PayPal Transaction ID to stoo2000 so that he can check why you cant get into the Legacy System. I had issues aswell because he saw another Transaction ID then i did.
  2. Just tested it, no issues have been found so far. Nice work mate!
  3. I see you are integrating the Mod with Spy, it looks nice :D

  4. If you had a license before, you can get the new files by using your paypal transaction id in the legacy system: http://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/traderfeedback/index.php
  5. Confirmed: All known issues have been fixed so far. I cant wait for this build to release...
  6. Found another bug; please see the "Tracker" for more information!
  7. Ah that aint fair I use a license supplied by my hosting company & because of that i dont have access to the IPS Market Place I also didnt have the previous version, so i cant get it at all? :(
  8. Bugs experienced so far: -Upon leaving feedback as trader, the word "Trader" isnt shown. -Instead of staying at 100% while receiving multiple positive feedbacks, it goes to 200% upon receiving feedback from "Seller". -Upon receiving "Neutral" Feedback, the count doesnt stay at 100% but counts down to 75%. -Upon leaving "Neutral" Feedback as a "Buyer", its says im the "Seller" instead of the "Buyer". -Upon leaving "Neutral" Feedback as a "Seller", its says im the "Buyer" instead of the "Seller". -Leaving "Negative" Feedback as a Buyer doesnt work; when you click on "Leave Feedback", the f
  9. I will check it every 5 minutes from now on!
  10. That would be really really great. Even better, that would be AWESOME!
  11. When will you release the Trader feedback System for that Version? Im in need of it, i'd be willing to beta test it for you
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