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  1. Got the image part fixed. Uploaded it to Master instead of correctly putting it into the new skin.
  2. How do I go about removing the Copyright? I do love the feedback app just FYI. I feel it's one of those must haves for a lot of forums and should be built into IP already. Not sure about the missing image, can you elaborate more? I'm coming from vB so things are a fair bit different.
  3. Regardless if I am the first one to complain about it or not it shouldn't be there without notice. Every other addon I have come accross at least offers the removal of the copyright with a fee upfront. I'm budgeting down to the dollar on this install and another $25 is an issue. Can you imagine how much of a problem it would be if everyone was using this same model with a customized IPB install? I don't know why others have not complained, maybe they don't know a thing about SEO or maybe protecting themselves from competition isn't an issue. On another note under the User Profile instead of the link saying "Leave Feedback" it instead says "Leave Feedback Leave Feedback" Any idea what would cause that issue?
  4. Can't say that I am happy you are charging extra for this without a notification here: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3366-trader-feedback-system/ I didn't pay to have an external link. You should notify potential customers that they have to pay to remove links which may hurt their rank or alert competition to their software.
  5. Hi, I purchased your software, it seems pretty nice however I do need to remove the link back to your site from the feedback page. How do I go about doing this?
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