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Trader Feedback System 1.1.2 Released


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I'm pleased to announce Trader Feedback 1.1.1 is available for download. This is a maintenance update with bug fixes and enhancements.

Major Changes in 1.1

  • User Feedback page has been fully integrated into the profile view.
  • Notifications have been updated and fixed.
  • Content Spy integration is included.

Changes in 1.1.2


This release does not make any database changes, however after upgrading you should run the Database and Database Index checker to make sure that your existing database is correctly setup.

After upgrading, visit [board_url]/admin/upgrade to upgrade the application.

1.1.0 introduces a new Permissions system, you will need to visit the applications permissions page in your ACP to set these up.

Known Issues

  • Feedback Notification options may not save, to remedy this you will need to log into your ACP, search for 'Notification options', click to go to the page. Save the form without any alterations. (This is an open bug report with IPS).


Trader Feedback 1.1.2 is currently available on the Legacy Download system (for customers prior to IPS Marketplace, IPS Marketplace and our own downloads system.


If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker.


If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You must supply your PayPal Transaction ID (for legacy customers) or your IPS Community display name and email address.

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