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3 requests

Jason Cain Cross

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Just installed, loving it so far, have 3 minor requests:

1. Would like to change the Feedback tab in the member profile to another name. I would think it would honor the main app tab name at the top of the forum.

2. I am transferring scores from my custom made trader feedback system I used in ipb 2.x, and I would like to add a "inital points xfer" comment to everyone's profile/feedback section. I was going to just add a long list of these to ibf_feedback, but that sounds extremely messy. any ideas to do this gracefully?

3. I would like to add some custom text/html in the member info section where the scores show up in topics/posts, etc to clean it up a bit, add separators and the like. This sounds like a feature request, but for now can you point me to where I would change these in the templates?



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