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Trader Feedback System 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2 Released - "Classifieds"


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This release of Trader Feedback System adds a new Converter feature, adds Flood Control bypass and various minor bug fixes.


This new version of Trader Feedback System includes built-in integration with Classifieds. The user feedback panel and a button to leave feedback will be added to the

classifieds item.



Users will also be able to use a link to the Classifieds item, instead of using a topic link.

Top Members
Expanding on the 'top member' in previous versions, Trader Feedback System now shows the top 5 members according to their Trader Feedback. This block is also provided as a sidebar hook so that you can display it on your board index.




Minor Cosmetic Changes
The new version contains less images than before, CSS badges are now used for the area reflecting the feedback rating.


Trader Feedback 1.4 is currently available on the Legacy Download system (for customers prior to IPS Marketplace, IPS Marketplace and our own downloads system.

If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker.

If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You must supply your PayPal Transaction ID (for legacy customers) or your IPS Community display name and email address.

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What's New in Version 1.4.2

  • Enhancement: Setting to prevent users from leaving more than one Feedback per deal
  • Enhancement: Feedback data now part of the User Hover Card
  • Enhancement: Removed app copyright
  • Enhancement: SMF Trader 1.6 Converter (Beta - Needs testing)
  • Enhancement: Clicking 'leave feedback' from a classifieds item now pre-fills the Feedback form
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few language strings 
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