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SSO plugin in - upgrading to 4.52


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Will the SSO Plugin work with the new upgrade of IP Board 4.5.2?

We would like to upgrade to the new version of IP Board as they have an app in Beta which would be very useful for our members. 

But the upgrade comes with the warning

"Before Upgrading
Before proceeding with your upgrade, please note that all third party resources are disabled during the upgrade process. We strongly recommend ensuring that all of your installed applications, plugins and themes have Invision Community 4.5 compatible updates available to allow continued use. "


Has anybody upgraded to the new version of IP Boards, and if so have they experienced any issues with the Wordpress SSO Plugin?

Stuart is working on an update for the plugin which is adding other features but has no 'official' compatible version with 4.5. I'm just wondering if anybody has experience upgrading and if the SSO plugin is still working correctly for them






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It is not working currently with 4.5 as far as I can tell...

I am pretty naive when it comes to forum software - so when I upgraded to 4.5 I didn't think anything of it.

Just had customer reach out and let me they cannot get logged into the forum from our wordpress site link.

Now I am trying to figure out how I can revert to an older version...

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