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  1. Hey @stoo2000 Really sorry to disturb you as I know you are a very busy person but this hasn't been resolved yet, just thought I'd remind you not that you need one. Regardless I still love the feedback system and everything else is working perfectly fine as usual. Thanks, G
  2. Edit new bug: Says user has 1 feedback when they actually have none. They previously had 1 feedback but I removed it. http://vitrade.org/index.php?/profile/19-gains/&tab=node_feedback_Feedback
  3. A user on my forums has no feedback and something like this appears I think its because I edited a feedback given to someone on the forums and I changed it to Corys name in the first field. http://vitrade.org/index.php?/profile/22-cory/&tab=node_feedback_Feedback
  4. If a member has feedback already the add feedback button will appear in the feedback tab which is kinda lame
  5. Everything is amazing, I'm honestly loving it and think this is such a great release Suggestions: Make the Add Feedback button appear new the message button peoples profiles so it is much easier to see/access. It will just be much easier to tell the customer: "heres my profile link: 'LINKHERE' and click the add feedback button to leave me a feedback" Fixes: Add feedback button does not appear on users profile unless feedback has been previously left. -1% feedback still existing.
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