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  1. ok - please tell me what are the table names of this app in the database? I seem to be having some problems here.
  2. ok, i just tried to run the .tar file from ACP and get the following error.. Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 2C133/4 The application you are attempting to install appears to be installed already. To reinstall the application you must first uninstall it.
  3. Any thoughts>? I did get the following email from your support person, but IPS is asking me for an "upgrade path".. they are telling me there is something special I have to do as opposed to simply just installing the update...
  4. i have / had a forum on a dedicated server running IPB 3.4. and an old version of the trader feedback system that I bought in 2014. Recently I had IPS upgrade the forum to V4.3 and move it to their cloud. This of course broke the trader feedback system. Ips is asking me to contact you guys to find out if there is an upgrade path from 3.x to the 4.x version ? I did also just pay for the the upgrade tonight, but I don't want to try anything until I hear from you to see if IPS can do the upgrade / conversion with whatever upgrade path" they are asking for (... is there is an upgrade path from 3.x to the 4.x version ? ) hopefully that makes sense , look forward to a response, thanks
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