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  1. okay, the template automerge seemed to make a mistake. i manually merged the templates paging is there now. i think there can be an extra sidebar box with top rated members overall. and one for the top rated members in the last xx days. theres enugh space at the sidebar. EDIT: another suggestion: A link under the statistics count for pos, neutral and neg feedbacks, that filters the list by pos, neutral an neg entries.
  2. per page? there is no paging in my installation. but i don't need paging, so its ok, i have overwritten it to the last 50 entries. top 5 members is ok, a setting for sounds even better.
  3. Please add a setting for the number of displayed feedback items in the overview. And to show more than one Top Members.
  4. i integrated the 3 score fields and updated the hook
  5. okay tried the userInfoPane and also replaced the leave link with the userLeaveLink template, but integrates not really smooth.
  6. yes, i can change it to use the userInfoPane template. good idea.
  7. I created a hook, that should be a good start for better integration with classifieds: http://community.inv...on-classifieds/ I created also a hook for this: http://community.inv...lassifieds-map/ @stoo the naming of the feedback hook is oriented by your new topic integration hook and for the map hook i took your profile integration hook as programming template, hope it's ok for you Note: the files are not yet approved by IPS, so could be that the links aren't available to you
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