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  1. And Why do I have to buy again if I want to download it? Edit: Nevermind, I just downloaded it from IPS Marketplace.
  2. I'm sorry but I won't need the feature more than in the buy and sell room, this is to prevent abuse of the trader feedback other than in the specified room.
  3. The reason is I have one room category for buying and selling, and it would be weird if the trader will show in any room, that's a feature which tttrader has and not in this script. I will never be able to use this script until it has this feature...
  4. This mod made a mess. I tried to uninstall and it gave me IPS Driver Error. Everytime I viewing a thread it will gave me IPS Driver Error (nevermind I just disabled the hooks so it could get active again) But seriously I'm not satisfied with this mod. The old tttrader was better, you made this mod worse than before and yet it cost $20.
  5. 1. Is there any option for how many post for member until he can access the trader feedback system? 2. Any option on turning off the trader feedback view for avatar view in specific forum? 3. Any option on how to save the old tttrader feedback? Please help.
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