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  1. I have created a support ticket for you.
  2. stoo2000

    Feedback under submitted posts

    You can configure it in the AdminCP settings ( Under the community tab - speech bubbles icon > feedback > settings )
  3. Really, it's quite expected if you've got a lot of existing content to optimise and you enable the setting to optimise all content. The good news is that the application will start processing your images again when your quota is renewed.
  4. stoo2000

    Feedback on Kraken

    I have put that on my roadmap, I can see how it could be useful (it is also a metric that would change quite often as things are added to the queue).
  5. Replied via support ticket.
  6. stoo2000

    Sparkpost and bouncer

    Please submit a ticket: https://ipb.silvesterwebdesigns.com/support/
  7. stoo2000

    *[Help] Member Manage ment Search Bar

    This site is for third party applications for the IPS4 platform. If you need support for IPS4 you should open a support ticket at https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  8. stoo2000

    I have some problems

    Support If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You must supply your PayPal Transaction ID (for legacy customers) or your IPS Community display name and email address.
  9. stoo2000

    the feedback pane shows for guests

    Yep, good suggestion. It will be In the next version.
  10. stoo2000

    Weird Issue

    Hi Chris, Leaving Feedback is a completely independent action to posting, it's possible to use TraderFeedback system with Pages records, etc (you don't even need the Forum application)
  11. stoo2000


    I've added this to the my 'list' of things to look at adding.
  12. stoo2000

    weird bug

    Thank you, I have made a note to address that issue. (It does look like it's related to changing the user)
  13. stoo2000

    Bugs and Suggestions 2.2.0

    Yes, you're right. A Notification is missing. Can you explain why you would need this? What isn't easy about it now? Fixed in 2.2.1
  14. stoo2000

    Bug button feedback / Profil -1%

    It was a bug that's fixed in 2.2.1
  15. stoo2000

    New client

    The best way would probably be adding some new CSS to your custom.css file .cFeedbackIcon_positive:before { content: "\f058"; color: green; } .cFeedbackIcon_neutral:before { content: "\f056"; color: grey; } .cFeedbackIcon_negative:before { content: "\f057"; color: red; } Change content to the Unicode code of the Font Awesome icon you want to use: http://fontawesome.io/icons/ You can also use the same this same method for any icon in IPS4: https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/422970-reputation-icons/#comment-2638570 The next release will contain all bug fixes to date.